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How can I extract *.c file hidden in an executable file (SkiFree)

It's not common for executables to include their own source code, so in general, the answer to your question is "that's not possible". That string likely appears in the binary due to some ...
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How can I extract *.c file hidden in an executable file (SkiFree)

the best you can get: https://github.com/yuv422/skifree_decomp A source code reconstruction of the 32bit version of Skifree (v1.04) back to C, compilable with Visual Studio 6. so someone already did ...
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Can #if DEBUG in C# become true in the released binary?

best to put the code inside the MakeLicenseValidForever into #if DEBUG,too. those #if things get processed at compile time and only the code of the taken path exists. Functions don't get stripped if ...
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Adding debug symbols with GDB

You could try ghidra2dwarf: Ghidra2Dwarf is a ghidra plugin that allows to exports informations (such as functions, decompiled code, types) from ghidra to dwarf sections inside ELF binaries. People ...
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