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How to create a function graph in IDA? Could not find grapher (Linux)

qwingraph is an alternative (and the default) graph viewer for IDA in linux, and it requires installation to function. Install qwingraph from the site below, and then set ida.cfg to use qwingraph: git ...
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Creating the SkiFree 2 dream... An introduction

this is not about reverse engineering, you need to ask on stackoverflow about Windows/C programming to the "Progess" you talking about [x] Convert functions to C [x] Convert data to C [ ] ...
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NameError: name 'ScreenEA' is not defined

This is a legacy API, deprecated in IDA 7.0 and removed in IDA 7.4. The new equivalent is idc.get_screen_ea() (or you can use which still works).
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