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came across these keys and sharing Known AES keys: zxhn h118n ert5 - 'MIK@0STzKpB%qJZe' zxhn h118n V2.1.3_ROSCNT? - 'MIK@0STzKpB%qJZf' zxhn h168n v3 - '402c38de39bed665' zxhn h298n hv17_fv116_mts?t1 - 'Wj' (due to bug, orig. is 'Wj%2$CjM') zxhn h298a hw1.1.20_fw1.1.20_ros_t1? - 'm8@96&...


You can use the zcu module to do this. python examples/ config.bin.xml out.bin --key 'GrWM2Hz&LTvz&f^5' --signature 'ZXHN H108N V2.5' Full disclosure: I wrote the zcu module. It's based off of this pastebin.

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