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It is possible. Take a minute to read the output from analyze. There's a few fields that will tell you what driver faulted like "FAULTING_MODULE", "IMAGE_NAME", and "MODULE_NAME". It will give you the state of the registers as well and specifically what instruction that caused the crash so you'll see something like driver + offset: addresss: instruction ...


these should be comments but it grew up what is the windbg version ? what is the os version ? what is the output of lm m "your specific Module" are the symbols loaded for your Module ? have you tried disassembling with u <address> in command window as it appears you are looking at Disassembly Window did you try ln <address> to list the ...


IDA does not allow conflicting names anywhere in the database(including enum members). Most likely both _MAJOR_FUNCTIONS and MAJOR_FUNCTIONS have the same set of members, so the first one wins.

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