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Load PDB for MemoryModule-loaded DLL in x64dbg

x64dbg has the virtualmod command, which (in theory) can be used to detect modules loaded from memory, rather than via LoadLibrary* APIs: virtualmod Tell the debugger to treat a memory range as a ...
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Compress Xamarin assemblies after decompression

For unpacking and repacking Xamarin assemblies.blob + assemblies.manifest files you can use the Python based tool Xamarin AssemblyStore Explorer (pyxamstore). Unpacking Make sure your current ...
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How to call unexported function in a third party DLL while having its PDB?

You have to: 1. Load the DLL into your process. In runtime, Windows' LoadLibrary api, will load the DLL and return a handle, which is the base address for the loaded module. 2. Get the address of the ...
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How to find the correct GUID in DLL to match its Pdb

though both portable pdb and /Brepro are recent developments post the GUID age compressed file format of pdb for your specific case the pdb does not seem to exist in ms symbol servers. :\>wget -c -...
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Use 3rd-party DLL in my own application

I guess I'll copy my comment as an answer, just to close out the question: I re-read the error message: Could not load file or assembly 'd3g_tech_managed.dll' **or one of its dependencies** and it ...
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Determining if a file is managed code or not

Cross-platform C# solution Use PEReader.HasMetadata: using System; using System.Linq; using System.IO; using System.Reflection.PortableExecutable; public class Program { public static void Main() ...
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