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Fixed with hooking the main function just as it is normally done with hooking technics. Note, that although the function above is called main, it is not the one called when the application starts. So, might be different for the actual main function.


Fixed with using EasyHook instead of Detours. I.e. replaced this piece of code: writeProtectedMemory(hook.first, hook.second); auto result = DetourAttach(hook.first, hook.second); with this: HOOK_TRACE_INFO hHook = { NULL }; // keep track of our hook NTSTATUS result = LhInstallHook( hook.first, hook.second, NULL, &hHook); ULONG ...


Fixed with the combined solution from this and this posts.


In regards to the discussion above in the Comments section. As I've mentioned, I have figured out the hooking part, even though it is not fully working yet with the main application. Here is the solution: game.cpp #include "game.h" #include <array> namespace gladius { static std::array<Game, 1> functions = { { ...

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