The offsets are listed at the top of the function: You can also hover over the local variable name for a few seconds to see a popup with the offset. If you want to permanently disable the variable offset translation, uncheck Markup Stack Variable References under Edit -> Tool Options -> Options -> Listing Fields -> Operands Fields.


For the ARM946E-S Technical Reference Manual, the exception vectors (including the reset vector) should be located at either 0x00000000 or 0xFFFF0000 in memory, depending on whether the Alternate vectors select bit is set. The layout of these vectors looks like: Exception | Address ----------------------------|-------------...


The first bytes are the exception vectors: CODE:00000000 LDR PC, =0x1000005C CODE:00000004 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE:00000004 LDR PC, =0x10000044 CODE:00000008 ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CODE:...

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