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Ghidra was the way to go, no other reverse engineering software had 64 bit MIPS. Reko came close and when I mailed that team they said they would implement it in the coming days. IDA only disassembles partly and cant decompile. Ret from Avast 32 bit only as well. Once JDK 11 was installed disassembled and decompiled the .o elf easily. There is some problem ...


Mumbel is correct, Ghidra supports decompilation of MIPS64 binaries; see "What Processors are Currently Supported" in their FAQ. Here is a screenshot of decompilation of the main() function of readelf compiled to target MIPS64 architecture:

2 Reko is a binary decompiler that supports a lot of processors, including Mips64. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance on

4 Ghidra supports a lot of processors including mips64

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