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i need software to decode this subtitle xml file, anyone know what it encodes with?

It's AES encrypted, but fortunately it's pretty trivial to see what's going on in the JavaScript file responsible for decoding ( by using browser ...
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How to define a 28-bit integer in Ghidra

I'm not sure what exactly you want, but my best guess that defining a struct with a 28 bits long bitfield is the way to correctly model this.
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Tips for reverse engineering Common Lisp (SBCL) ELF binary

I would suggest compiling small helloworld type programs then reversing them yourself to identify boilerplate/runtime vs. user code.
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Reverse engineering AES128 Key Derrivation from MAC Address

ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM aarch64, version 1 (SYSV) I guess you meant 64-bit ELF, but it's not important. n = 12; // Not sure where 12 comes from, perhaps 2 * number of bytes in a MAC address? /...
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Trying to reverse encypter to decrytper in C. Can't figure out what I'm missing

I'd recommend debugging the decryption loop in your code, and the encryption loop in the original binary, side-by-side and comparing the values at each step. It's possible that your binary's rand() ...
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ELF - Why does objdump provide a wrong byte value in the .got?

When a ELF binary is loaded each one of its sections is loaded to a Virtual Memory Address which is different than its raw offset on disk. Now, objdump shows the contents of the __got's as if it was ...
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How to map a decompiled c program back into original source code

Compile the original program with debug information (i.e., tell MSVC to generate a PDB, preferably a full PDB), and then use something like BinDiff or Ghidra's "Version Tracker" tool to ...
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Why are machine code decompilers less capable than for example those for the CLR and JVM?

Java and .NET both include a feature called "reflection", which makes it possible to access inner workings of a class and instances thereof, using runtime-generated strings that hold the ...
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