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Creating the SkiFree 2 dream... An introduction

this is not about reverse engineering, you need to ask on stackoverflow about Windows/C programming to the "Progess" you talking about [x] Convert functions to C [x] Convert data to C [ ] ...
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How to change default pointer size in IDA Pro

As hinted by Ali, this info is stored in the global inf structure. It used to be an actual global variable accessible via the idaapi.cvar wrapper, but now you need to use the various getters/setters ...
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How to change default pointer size in IDA Pro

Thanks to Ali's tip I was able to find the answer in idapython the following can be used to set the pointer size: ida_ida.inf_set_cc_cm(ida_typeinf.CM_N16_F32) the enum/definition for 'CM_N16_F32' is ...
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