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Advice on how to attack my first reverse engineering project?

It was made by humans so there's a spec. I googled it. Here's a manual which talks about the Axial MX from Accom ~2005. If it's a series of edit controllers, they'll likely work the same under the ...
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J1939 message payload checksum

Found the calculation in a newer version of the J1939 standard than I originally had access to. The manufacturer reused the following equation from SPN 4207: Checksum = (Byte1 + Byte2 + Byte3 + Byte4 ...
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Makita XGT battery/charger protocol checksum

Starting A5A5 and trailing FFFF should be excluded. The checksum is just a 16-bit sum of 8-bit bytes. A5A5 0018 501A 4D4C 00CC 120D 0008 0003 0002 1201 120D 0245 FFFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^...
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Do I have sufficient information to determine a checksum algorithm?

In most cases - yes, you probably have enough information to determine the algorithm, especially if the checksum algorithm is standard(just try to compute all well-known 32 bit checksums on some data ...
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Infrared Remote Control Programming / Development

I don't want to stop anyone from reverse engineering stuff cuz I certainly do things all the time when they aren't necessary, BUT it sort of sounds like you're shaving a yak (phrase was learned from ...
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