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Why does this piece of code modify itself?

Q1 The paper was written in 1996 (published on 8 November 1996 to be exact). In those days, it was the norm for the stack to be executable. In fact, x86 CPUs of that era basically lacked the ...
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ARM64 Stack Layout - Why 100x'A' Doesn't Crash?

The return address has been placed below the buffer on the stack. I presume it's the 0x55000008e0 entry in your second screenshot. This means that you won't be able to overwrite the return address via ...
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Why does this piece of code modify itself?

the paper is quiet old and the compilers have improved a lot it my not be easy to churn out a byte for byte similar code with latest compilers they may not even compile such code it is better not to ...
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Why does this piece of code modify itself?

If I'm wrong at anything, someone please correct me. Q1: the current OSes or compilers (one of these. There are protections on the files themselves enabled by the compiler and others on the OS itself)...
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