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W System : ClassLoader referenced unknown path: /data/app/com.ibsbankmobile-1/lib/arm64 E AndroidRuntime: Process: com.ibsbankmobile, PID: 3053 The warning here shows that you have a missing path: /data/app/.../lib/arm64 This directory contains binary (compiled) libraries that belong to the app. If you repack an app, whether you changed its code or not, ...


Edit: Since this is about when the breakpoint is hit. The kernel guarantees the debugger a chance to handle exceptions (e.g. breakpoint exceptions) before letting the debuggee handle them. Are you sure that the debugger is actually attached when the breakpoint is hit? An exception to what I stated above is that if ThreadHideFromDebugger is used, then the ...


You can use JIT framework such as intel PIN to inspect the program with greater granularity. Then you can find the exact mechanism responsible for this, including finding the real call history, used to detect the breakpoint and crash the program

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