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.NET Packer/Protector

Using DetectItEasy you can obtain the Packer used: "Protector: Crypto Obfuscator For .Net (5.X)" de4dot supports this packer, so if you use it de4dot.exe <filename> you will obtain ...
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Use 3rd-party DLL in my own application

I guess I'll copy my comment as an answer, just to close out the question: I re-read the error message: Could not load file or assembly 'd3g_tech_managed.dll' **or one of its dependencies** and it ...
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dnSpy not showing locals after hitting breakpoint

It is possible that your binary is protected using proxy objects. Proxy objects usually implement and provide obscure debugging information (and/or methods) that interferes dnSpy's or other debuggers' ...
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Is it possible to use GHIDRA to decode .NET ? (1 lvl crackmes with solution, but not in GHIDRA)

You mentioned that you are a beginner so I'll give you a more generic answer with a concrete recommendation in the end. Compared to other industries, like software development, or generally white-...
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