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Questions tagged [xor]

Exclusive or (xor) is a logical operation that outputs true only when both inputs differ (one is true, the other is false).

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How would I crack a software that has Xor encryption

So, before you shout at me to go on google I would just like to say I am new to reverse Engineering. Like I have been doing it for a hour. So, I was doing a bunch of using the search all ...
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3 votes
0 answers

How to decrypt cocos2d luac type?

I am new with IDA and cocos2d. Since I have learned how to decrypt cocos2d Lua file, I found xxtea tool with Sign and Key and how to find Sign header in some game in Lua file. But that method does not ...
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2 votes
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Figuring out the algorithm for an NFC reader, which displays values increased by 1.52 times

I have two NFC readers, reader A reads card ID numbers according to the ISO standard and the algorithm is publicly available. Reader B is from a Canon printer. The card numbers read by reader B are 1....
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How would I decode this XOR Cipher

I have been given a XOR Cipher which is a bunch of hexidecimal looking charcters. This cipher is: fa ce fd d3 fa df ed d3 fa ce d3 d3 fa de df d3 fa de df d3 fa de f9 d3 fa ce f9 d3 fa de f1 d3 ...
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RE on firmware images that seem to use weak encryption/obfuscation. Robot vacuum

I have been playing with some robot vacuums that utilize very basic navigation, and I am wanting to play around with my own provisioning along with adding a Rpi to augment features. These vacuums are ...
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File Decryption Problems

over the past year, I provided an English patch to a community of thousands of players of a game I love and which is not available in English (just Chinese and Korean). Sadly, besides me, other ...
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Attempting to auto reverse XOR

Does anyone know of any helpful tools or a way to automate decryption of XOR in IDA? I know that they have a built in function to do some bare XOR encryption but this one seems a bit more ...
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