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1 answer

How can I debug or monitor a Windows Phone 8 application?

I'm interested in debugging and monitoring a Windows Phone 8 application for which I do not have the source code. Android and iOS can both be rooted/jailbroken, which allows me to use tools like GDB (...
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1 answer

Reverse engineering apps for Windows Phone 7 and 8

How can I reverse engineer Windows Phone apps? Especially apps that are running on version 7.8 and 8 of the OS? I'm looking for tools and procedures for doing this.
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1 answer

How to view system files on Windows Phone

Is there a way one can actually view system files and even apps on file manager of a windows phone the way we do with Android phones. I would love to do this so much on my Nokia Lumia 435 running on ...
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Is it possible to Reverse engineer digitally signed Windows Phone 8 apps (WP8 APPS)?

I have researched a lot about reverse engineering WP8 apps but nothing seems to work for apps that are digitally signed (Yes, I am talking about Apps from Windows App Store) XAPSpy works with Windows ...
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1 vote
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How can you reverse engineer a Windows Phone App? [duplicate]

I know this is a controversial question... but before you answer, keep in mind that this is both legal and there are scenarios where this is needed. In our case we want to decompile an app, so we can ...
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S30+ Game Development

How can I get started developing games for the S30+ operating system on Windows or Linux? I have a new nokia 150, which seems to run the correct operating system, although I'm not sure if this phone ...
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