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Windows refers to the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems.

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What happens when a DLL is added to AppInit_DLL

I have a malware sample that adds a DLL to the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\AppInit_DLLs. There is malicious functionality in the DLL referenced by the ...
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What is the purpose of 'mov edi, edi'?

I see this instruction in the beginning of several Windows programs. It's copying a register to itself, so basically, this acts as a nop. What's the purpose of this instruction?
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Canonical method to circumvent the ZwSetInformationThread antidebugging technique

I'm sure many of you are familiar with this classic antidebug trick accomplished by calling ZwSetInformationThread with ThreadInformationClass set to 0x11. Although many OllyDbg modules exist for the ...
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Obfuscating Windows Executables

GCC allows you to write optimization plugins that can be used to obfuscate your compiled executable, but this wasn't ported to mingw. LLVM allows something similar but barfs when including Windows.h. ...
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Viewing MSSQL transactions between closed-source application and server

I am reversing a closed-source legacy application that uses Microsoft SQL Server (2005) and I would like to find out precisely what queries are being executed in the background. I understand that it ...
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How to manage/revert to specific OS versions for effective patch diffing?

For the purpose of learning about the complexities involved in writing PoC's (and gaining experience in) one could do patch diffing and have real world vulnerable examples to practice on. For now ...
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Is there a good reference for COM object signatures?

When doing RE on some Microsoft binaries I run across COM object references all the time. Is there a good central place to translate some of the GUID's that I find to some sort of object type without ...
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