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Questions tagged [winapi]

Microsoft's application programming interfaces available in the Windows operating system.

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Anti-debugging techniques - Preventing me from setting a memory and hardware breakpoint. How can I bypass that?

I'm debugging this process which has a lot of anti debugging techniques in it, and I faced something new which I don't know how to bypass yet. Changing the code dynamically causes exceptions to occur ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Does code injected into process memory always belong to a page with RWX access?

I've seen a few memory forensics tutorials, which start by looking for injected code in the "victim's" process memory. They always seem to find the injected code in pages which have RWX access (i.e. ...
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2 answers

Dumping Memory to Raw File

Is there a way to dump a section of process memory knowing the start and end address to raw bin file via a winapi function or some other method? I know that you can do this easily with a debugger, but ...
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How do I get all sections in a PE file using C++?

So I am wondering how can I get all sections and their info from a dumped PE file on the disk, using C++. I have the entire PE loaded on a buffer, the NT headers, and hopefully the DOS headers. I need ...
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