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Questions tagged [vtables]

Mechanism used in a programming language to support run-time method binding.

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Cannot find references to functions in vtables

First time doing RE work and I am working on a rather large C++ binary. In Ghidra, there are many functions that do not appear to have any meaningful references to them (unlike some functions where ...
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3 votes
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Find vtable without complete object locator

I am learning to reverse Visual C++ objects. I usually find the vtable (or VMT of VFT, however you call it) of the object using a cross reference to its CompleteObjectLocator that I found in the ...
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3 votes
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How can I parse VMTs in IDA if I have the base address?

I have run the Class Informer plugin to identify virtual method tables. I am trying to write a python script which will rename each function in the table. I am struggling to find the correct API ...
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When virtual table is not the first element of structure?

Assuming that source code is compiled for ARMv7 architecure using clang (native shared object library for Android, Itanium ABI) what are the cases when virtual table pointer is not the first element ...
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How to return a list of vtable methods?

I'm relatively new to scripting environments in disassemblers. What I am looking for is a way to dump all of the vtable methods from a C++ disassembly in such a way that I can access them later for ...
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