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Mechanism used in a programming language to support run-time method binding.

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Static analysis of C++ binaries

When reverse engineering binaries compiled from C++, it is common to see many indirect calls to function pointers in vtables. To determine where these calls lead, one must always be aware of the ...
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How to find the location of the vtable?

Actually, I am trying to learn a little about vtable overflows. So, my learning documents state the following: The main point to realize is that whenever we declare a C++ class with virtual ...
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Converting a virtual table from .rdata into an IDA struct

Is there a way to convert a .rdata vtable entry to an IDA struct? An example of the vtable entry: And what the resulting struct should look like (but with all entries - this vtable specifically, ...
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Decompilers points to non-existing virtual function

As part of solving the Hidden password challenge, I found an condition calls a virtual function the v14 points to v8 variable : and the functions in the program does not make sense for me, there is ...
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