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In Object-Oriented Programming, a virtual function is initially defined in a base class, and can be redefined in derived classes, so that when a virtual function is invoked, the function defined in the receiver's class is executed.

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Static analysis of C++ binaries

When reverse engineering binaries compiled from C++, it is common to see many indirect calls to function pointers in vtables. To determine where these calls lead, one must always be aware of the ...
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Why two virtual destructors?

The beginning of the virtual function table (VFT, also virtual method table, VMT) disasembled by IDA goes as: _ZTV13QSystemLocale DCD 0, _ZTI13QSystemLocale, _ZN13QSystemLocaleD2Ev+1, ...
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Decompilers points to non-existing virtual function

As part of solving the Hidden password challenge, I found an condition calls a virtual function the v14 points to v8 variable : and the functions in the program does not make sense for me, there is ...