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Most Effective Methods to Master Reverse Engineering

I am excited to begin learning assembly. I intend to learn it to guarantee security assurances when writing code for cryptography. One of the skills I wish to gain are reverse engineering. This is a ...
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UART Interface of an 1993 Electric Typewriter

I recently acquired an electric typewriter. It is the "Triumph Adler Gabriele Cyclo". The unit does not have any outside electric interfaces, only the keyboard. After examining the pcb, I ...
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What is the modulation used in a Honda Civic keyfob? And how can you find this out?

I'm using a Flipper Zero which and I want to decode my unlock signal which is rolling. The FCC ID of the keyfob is N5F-A05TAA. I had calculated independently and later confirmed that the keyfob ...
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GWT: Deserialize objects sent/received via websocket

I would like to analyze the authentication function of a given GWT web application. When authenticating with my credentials, I could identify that my credentials are sent via websocket in form of a ...
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