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Smallest sequence of instructions that can be managed independently by an operating system scheduler. Threads share all the same memory-space layout within the same process.

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Can I get thread counts remotely with Immunity Debugger

I am debugging a program on a Windows server with Immunity debugger. Immunity debugger offers a remote command line client. I can do basic tasks through this command line. But is there a way to get ...
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When I start up a remote thread in an application, why does it always crash when it tries to access data in the thread structure?

I'm on OS X 10.10 64 bit (x86_64) and created a chunk of memory called code with vm_allocate. I allocate a chunk of memory for a stack. I load a library to memory and determine an entry point to ...
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Multi Thread communication disassembly

is there any article or guide when it comes to reverse engineering Multi-Threaded processe?
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Ways of creating a new thread on Windows

I'd like to know about every possible way how a thread can be created in a process at the lowest possible level. There are loads of WinAPI-s to create a thread, but as far as I know all of them ends ...
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OllyDbg how to see the main thread (all memory in the cpu)

I can't figure out how to see more than the [CPU - main thread, module ] in the CPU window. Sometimes when I jump to an address the title changes just to [CPU - main thread] and now I can see all of ...
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Debug only one thread with ida-gdb server

If I want to debug process in embedded that running linux , I can run gdb-server in embedded and attach to process with Ida. The problem is if this process has 1 thread that can't stop over than x ...
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How does Ida suspend threads?

I know that Ida uses ptrace function to attach and debug process. How Ida can suspend thread? how is that possible?
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Threads blocking in kernel when I attach, can't control them

I'm attaching to a simple program and the new thread breaks at DbgBreakPoint as expected. I'm using x64dbg (32-bit). The problem is, when I go to the Threads window it shows all the threads' EIPs as ...
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Make Ghidra recognize thread-local variables

I am trying to reverse an ELF binary that makes use of thread-local variables. I can't figure out how to make Ghidra display them in a friendlier way (something like declaring a struct or similar). ...
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Watching a TLS Slot value in x64dbg

I am new to reverse engineering and I was trying to debug why a 3rd party application was crashing when I m injecting my DLL in it. (There are some cases where it didn't crash) So I was able to figure ...
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