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Refer to a section of executable, library or object files that link memory addresses in the program and a string (the symbol). Symbols are used to store debug information, function names (for dynamic linking) and many other usages.

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Modern equivalent to rsymtab for reconstructing symbol table for statically linked / stripped binaries?

I'm working with a 32-bit ELF binary that (I believe) has been statically linked against a few different third-party libraries. It has also been stripped, so I don't have much to go on with respect to ...
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How to force IDA to load MFC DLL symbols while disassembling an EXE that uses such DLL?

I found that IDA may not load symbols for MFC DLLs while disassembling EXEs that load such DLLs. This makes the disassembling horrible if the DLL is linked just by ordinals, and IDA doesn't have a ...
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How to get the address of a glibc private symbol at runtime programmatically?

I am trying to get the address of a private function in GLIBC. For instance - the function __run_prefork_handlers(). I have done it with gdb, using info symbol __run_prefork_handlers and info address ...
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What is the correct way to load pdb symbols to show the functions by their name instead of their addresses in x64dbg?

I am trying to reverse a portion of a game, that game loads a DLL file called "ddraw.dll". Most of the DLL file functions don't appear by their names but appear by their addresses for ...
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How can I tell ld to link to a local symbol in a shared object?

Symbols in shared objects can be either local or global. This is controlled by a flag in the symbol table. If the symbol is local, ld won't resolve to it. Reverse engineering can often be aided by ...
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Tool/parser for symbol tables produced with objdump -t to be used with IDA / Ghidra?

Working with a binary (arm64) file that seems to be some sort of a broken ELF file. The header data is missing and for some reason it contains a symbol table in a format that to me seem to be equal to ...
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How to add symbols from open source lib to Ghidra?

I have a binary which I can tell is using rapidjson (open source C++ library) (header only/not dynamically linked). How can I load debug symbols from that? It would help to see the types, function ...
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determine the PC of code gadgets in PLT section of ELF file

I am trying to parse an ELF file using custom code. With reference to the image below (output displayed is from objdump), I need to get the address of code gadget starting at , for example 401030 for ...
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otool , nm, dsdump and jtool not able to list mach-o binary's symbols

I have encountered this twice recently where I am trying to list the external symbols for an iOS mach-o binary and none of the tools can provide any output. The following is an example of the output ...
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dwarf: variable offset from base

I have a simple code: int main() { int a = 4; printf("%d\n", a); a = 8; if (a == 8) printf("%d\n", a); return 0; } DIEs for the function and variable: <1><32a>: Abbrev ...
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windbg fail to load symbol with UNC store

I'm debugging a qemu windows machine in docker and the windbg shows the file is missing. Windbg is attached to qemu kd> .sympath Symbol search path is: srv* Expanded Symbol search path is: cache*;...
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