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Refer to a section of executable, library or object files that link memory addresses in the program and a string (the symbol). Symbols are used to store debug information, function names (for dynamic linking) and many other usages.

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What kinds of steps can I take to make my C++ application harder to reverse engineer?

If I am building a C++ application and I want to make it more difficult to reverse engineer, what steps can I take to do this? Does the choice of compiler affect this? What about compiler flags, ...
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How to configure IDA to load .pdb files from Microsoft public symbol server?

I've done this in one VM but I can't seem to replicate it in another. I'm using IDA to analyze a 32-bit Windows PE file. I then want to step thru it with a WinDbg debugger from within IDA. So when I ...
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How can I obtain the data of how many memory references are symbolized by IDA-Pro?

We all know that in typical programs, there exist some references. When compiling, linker will translate all the memory references into concrete memory addresses during the symbol relocation step. ...
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Can I statically link (not import) the Windows system DLLs?

I have compiled following C source code in VS2010 console project. #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ printf("hello world\n"); return 0; } then I used /MT option for ...
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IDA 7.0 (free) fails to load symbols with message "DWARF: Cannot determine location of DWARF info" during debugging

Here's the steps to repro. Just installed IDA (free) v.7.0 on a brand-new installation of Windows 10 (x64) in a VM: Then loaded a test PE file and started debugging it (using Local Windows Debugger): ...
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