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Shockwave Flash (also known as 'Adobe Flash' or 'Macromedia Flash') is a multimedia and software platform used for creating vector graphics, animation, games and rich Internet applications (RIAs) that can be viewed, played and executed in Adobe Flash Player. Mostly used to display multimedia components such as images, audio or movies within a web page.

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38 votes
9 answers

How does one reverse engineer a SWF file?

What tools and techniques exist to either decompile or analyze the bytecode in a SWF file? What resources are available to the reverse engineer to learn more about SWF internals?
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3 answers

Can you decompile Actionscript 3 on a Mac?

Reverse engineering SWFs with ActionScript 3 on a Mac typically requires a Windows VM and a lot of copying and pasting. There are some good decompilers for Windows such as as3extractor but I haven't ...
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How to get resource in swf file?

I use this site to decompile the swf below But the code only shows the link for a video but I can not get the image in ...
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Decompile injected SWF in a specific environment

I am trying to reverse a swf file that is loaded into a AS3 application and executed by that application. The problem is that the injected file is obfuscated and no decompiler could manage to show me ...
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SWF ActionScript byte-code method info does not match AVM2 specification

I have a bunch of SWF files that represent UI in the game. Most of them contain DoABC tag, however the tag type is 300 instead of 82. Putting this trouble aside, I started parsing the tag according ...
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