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A specific C language data-type construct which allow to declare a list of primitive types variables bound together in a single logical memory unit.

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Is it no longer possible to re-order structures in IDA?

In older versions of IDA, you could right-click a struct in the structure view and change its position in the list, making it easier to separate "internal" vs "external" structs. ...
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PDF file have two trailers?

If I analyse multiple PDF files with a hex editor, I see that all of them have two trailers. That's possible if an object has changed or renewed (
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Ghidra: undefined4 to bytearray

I am trying to reverse a c++ program and make the decompiler represent a byte-array in a single line. The c++ code contains the following line: BYTE fileArray[139] = {0x50, 0x51....} Ghidra ...
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Need help finding a windows struct

What I know about it: struct unknown_struct { struct _KAPC apc; struct _KEVENT event; char unknown[2056]; }; So first a kernel apc struct then a kernel event struct and the total size is ...
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How to replace a segment with a single structure consisting of the data in that segment - programmatically?

So I have something like this (I copied this from my other plugin functionality which simply creates a copy paste structure from the frame containing stack variables, while deleting them and then ...
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Process Memory Viewing Tool

I'm trying to remember a couple of tools that I used several years ago that allowed you to create structs and map certain regions of memory to those structures so you could view the correct data types ...
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Work out packet structure from usb capture

Im hoping to understand the way a auto diagnostics tool is reporting data over usb. I've made a usb capture to look for changes according to known changes to the input it measures. The measurement is ...
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How can I create a radare2 type for a variable-length struct?

I'm trying to parse a binary file and it has a structure similar to this, struct foo { int64_t count_things; int64_t offset_to_thing[count]; int8_t bytes[]; int64_t other fields; } ...
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