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A specific C language data-type construct which allow to declare a list of primitive types variables bound together in a single logical memory unit.

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How to find arrays of objects (entities, enemies) in a game I'm reversing with Cheat Engine?

I am reversing a game using Cheat Engine and OllyDBG, through this memory addresses within an FPS game are read and monitored, these addresses will contain the coordinates(xyz) of enemies. My ...
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Converting a virtual table from .rdata into an IDA struct

Is there a way to convert a .rdata vtable entry to an IDA struct? An example of the vtable entry: And what the resulting struct should look like (but with all entries - this vtable specifically, ...
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IDA Pro: use structs on parameters

I have a small function that is given a struct as parameters. The struct looks to something like this: struct my_struct { short a; unsigned int b; unsigned int c; }; Taking care of the ...
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How to deal with Static Memory Allocation while modifying an executable?

I'm not new to StackExchange, but I'm quite new to reverse engineering, so please be patient with me! :P At present I'm dealing with an executable that I would like to modify a little bit, for ...
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Struct with negative offset in IDA possible

I have a structure which looks like this: RefString struct RefCount dd ? StrLen dd ? CString db... RefString ends When the code passes around a pointer, it doesn't point to the ...
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How to apply IDA structure to a pointer of a structure

I've encountered this function, which accepts a pointer to what I believe is a custom C struct. I came to this conclusion based on subsequent access to it. arg_0= dword ptr 4 ;struct passed in ...
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IDA: setting a register as a basepointer to struct

I read that question here (How do you set registers as structs within a function in IDA?) but this applies only to individual lines. Is it possible to set a register as a basepointer for a scope so ...
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Struct reconstruction in decompilers

I'm testing several decompilers about struct reconstruction, given the following C example: struct S { int x; int y; long z; long t; }; int foo(struct S s) { return s.x + s.y + s....
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Initializing a struct in win32 assembly programming using MASM

I'm trying to create a demo program demonstrating struct(s) in MASM , I've written a code like this : struct1 struct first db ? second dw ? struct1 EndS .386 .model flat,stdcall option casemap:none ...
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How are members of a Structure Type positioned on the stack?

Some of the structure types have members that are not stacked next to each other. Check out the structure type at 0x33E6 in bzip2_base (x86-64) here. There's an int at location offset 0, a char at 4 ...
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