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Questions tagged [sparc]

Scalable Processor ARChitecture is a RISC ISA designed by Sun Microsystems in the late 1980s. The initial design was 32-bits but was lately extended to handle 64-bits operations.

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How to change how the calculated value is shown for registers in Ghidra

I'm currently working on reversing some Sparc code in Ghidra, and calculated register values are shown incorrectly. This is how the line looks in the listing: add o3, o0=>DAT_00007d88, o0 and I ...
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Where can I find documentation for the name mangling scheme used by SunPro CC

I have a few SPARC binaries that have been compiled with what seems to be the SunPro CC compiler. The symbols in the binary are referring to a very early C++ implementation (pre-namespaces) and look ...
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3 votes
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What is the encoding format for unconditional Jumps on SPARC/SPARC64?

I am trying to figure out the encoding for unconditional JMPs on SPARC, i.e the JMP. After disassembling a few binaries. In my IDA disassembly the encoding for JMP %g1 is: 81 c0 40 00 Digging ...
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IDAPro arcompact difficulties

I'm having some difficulties disassembling an arcompact program with IDAPro. The program has a large number of code banks/overlays and a rather overused manager that can branch to any function in any ...
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On SPARC, what happens when a branch is placed in the branch-delay slot of another branch?

Our team recently had to look at SPARC assembly specifications, the problem is that I do not have a SPARC processor to try things on it (I should set up a simulator or get one of these old Sparc ...
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Reverse engineering flexlm license management

I have a 3D driver from the early 90's for Solaris 2.5-2.6 Sparc that uses flexlm to handle license management. How would I go about either circumventing or removing it for computer archeology/hobby ...
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Reverse engineering a Solaris driver

I have several Solaris 2.6 era drivers I would like to reverse engineer. I have a Sparc disassembler which provides some info but it isn't maintained anymore so I think it may not give me all the ...
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