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Questions tagged [software-security]

Field of computer science involved in the security of software and the prevention of bug exploitation by attackers.

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What is the difference between Software Architecture Recovery and Software Remodularization in the context of Reverse Engineering?

In the reverse engineering scenario, after extracting a representation of the code, it is often useful to recover/ reconstruct the architecture of the software (for eg. when reverse engineering java ...
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silvio packer for shared libray leads to error: "ELF load command address/offset not properly aligned"

I'm trying to implement a packer based on silvio infection. The packer works fine for ET_EXEC. However, it failed with "ELF load command address/offset not properly aligned" error for the ...
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SysTracer by clean?

SysTracer from (not from seems to be a very nice tool for live monitoring your system and check what executable files do at your system. I saw some videos on YouTube ...
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Bypassing a license key for a program

I'm looking to potentially hire someone to bypass a program for me. It's a program for a game, the developer just up and disappeared about a month ago along with the website. It checks for a ...
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is it possible to get code out of chipset through reverse engineering?

for example, encryption/decryption mechanism was inbuilt in a chip, to get the code that performs this mechanisms, is there some ways you can get this code through reverse engineering? what tools and ...
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