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Is there a way to resume execution of a process for a given amount of time then suspend it?

I am using the following IDC script in IDA: #include <idc.idc> static main() { for (i=0; i<10; i++) { PauseProcess(); ...
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Decode RubyEncoder

I was trying out some things when I came across some RubyEncoder encoded code. After searching the web, I found basically nothing useful on how to reverse them (Except this and [this][2], but I had no ...
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Radare2: How to Create a Custom Scripted Panel?

TLDR: How do I get a panel in radare2 to correctly show the output of a radare2 command piped to an external script? e.g. afvd | python This is my current view. Multiple panels, ...
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Ghidra SDK Register TypeFlags are not populated

I am using the Ghidra P-Code in a Ghidra script and I am looking for an architecture-independent way to decide if a register used in a P-Code Op is the Stack or the Base Pointer (basically making the ...
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Is there any way to execute Hopper scripts from command line?

What should I do if I have a batch of binaries to decompile with Hopper? I know how to run a Hopper script in the UI interface, is there any way to run Hopper scripts from command line? Or any other ...
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Need help understanding why Netflix prevents me from downloading with VPN

When using Netflix via the Windows desktop app with a VPN, streaming movies works fine but downloading does not. The download gets automatically paused, and after a minute it shows error code DL1-...
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can a stdout captured at a parameter to python script

I'm working on a CTF challenge that is find a secret password.This secret password base on the username and password that i input and the hash value had print out after hash calculation and i want to ...
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