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Software that keeps a specific process execution under control, typically by reducing its rights on the system, and preventing malicious operations.

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CAPE-sandbox signatures

When I submit a PDF file to analyse, it triggers a signature called stealth_file. I just added the alerted path into the whitelist as shown, but it didn't solve the problem. How to resolve it?
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Is it possible to enhance CAPEv2 detection?

I have used the Flare-CAPA plugin on IDA to help me with reverse engineering. Could I use these rules to enhance the detection of CAPEv2 sandbox? In general: How to enhance CAPEv2 sandbox detection?
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Reverse Engineer Emulated Game

I am trying to reverse engineer an emulated game. Is it possible to increase the score by cheating in an emulated game, or not because it is in a sandboxed environment? Does the console being emulated ...
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Malware Samples that defeats emulators by using uncommon API calls [closed]

I am looking for a few malware samples that detects sandboxes using uncommon API calls. I understand that one of the drawbacks of OS emulated sandboxes is that the malware can use uncommon API calls ...
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Does anyone know what is the purpose of RtlCheckSandboxedToken() in ntdll.dll, i cannot find any documentation, its prototype is: NTSYSAPI NTSTATUS NTAPI RtlCheckSandboxedToken( _In_opt_ HANDLE ...
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Test malware files in host machine?

To analyze malware files we are using virtual machine and virtual box but some of malware detect the environment and will not do its work properly. I want to know how to test malware files with out ...
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sandbox for analyzing network traffic

I am in search of looking an open source sandbox that has the following features: - route my network traffic to the sandbox for analysis - perform analysis on network traffic to detect malicious ...
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Anti-VM and anti-sandbox malware samples

I'm learning malware analysis. I'm looking for malware samples that terminate themselves when recognize working on a VM or sandbox. Thanks.
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Analyzing highly obfuscated JavaScript

I was recently analyzing a web page that contained some highly obfuscated JavaScript - it's clear that the author had went through quite a bit of effort to make it as hard to understand as possible. I'...
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How can I analyze a potentially harmful binary safely?

I've recently managed to isolate and archive a few files that managed to wreak havoc on one of my client's systems. So I was wondering what software and techniques make the best sandbox for isolating ...
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