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Does IDA support remote debugging in their Freeware Version?

I am unable to find if it does. This PDF linked here says that from version 4.8 IDA Pro supports remote debugging. But I can't seem to find this in the UI for the Freeware Version 5.0. Or is it that ...
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IDA - Remote debug on linux

I am trying to debug remotly an ELF from my windows 10 (the ELF runs on my ubuntu 32 bit vm) (the ELF is from - unlink). Because the exploit is via gets() I try to pass input through the "...
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2 votes
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How to setup VSCode with IDAPython?

Is it possible to remotely debug IDAPyhton scripts using VSCode and ptvsd? I found a few tutorials on the net, but no one is working. In the past, using the same protocol I was able to connect to Maya ...
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