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A few questions about reloc tables and base memory

A friend and I are poking around with some 32-bit Windows binaries and wanted to get some info about relocation tables. What is the difference between an exe that does not contain a relocation table (...
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List of unsolved problems of reverse engineering

Decided to write out a list of still unsolved fundamental problems in the field of reverse engineering. This means that today - there is no easy solution to these problems, or problems that can only ...
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How to prevent dynamic loader from modifying binary in memory?

I have patched a loadable object (an .so file) from this: xor eax,0x304b7c0 to this: mov eax,0x0 When I try to run my binary with these modifications, the application loads the .so file and then it ...
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Patching out relative calls to DLL functions

I have googled, watched several videos, read the PE spec, and even read some blogs. I am at a loss on how to patch out a message box. I am working through a CTF whose first task is to disable a nag ...
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Wrong relocations on programs requiring DOS/4G (or DOS/32) 32-bit extender

In the last week I've attempted maybe 3 times to debug a game in DOSBox (Fallout 1 DOS version), and the game uses DOS/4G to extend itself to 32-bit protected mode. The program has a DOS stub which ...
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Dynamically linked shared objects

From some time I struggle with the dynamically loaded object into process memory. How it exactly works? I found a lot of materials telling that shared objects shares the same code and has only on ...
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How do relocations work for imported functions in SH4 ELF?

I build very simple hello world code with sh4 gcc compiler as shared library: #include <stdio.h> void hello() { printf("Hello world!\n"); } But when I load .so file into the ...
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