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Ransomware is kind of malware which asks for ransom to restore victims PC into original state.

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trying to understand how Redboot ransomware works

this sample is able to drop exes though I'm not sure how the report indicates it calls CreateFileW though changing the call's outcome doesn't work is Redboot using heaven's gate (or another technique) ...
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Ransomware Source Codes [closed]

Have been searching ransomware source codes for analysis(as much as possible). I have already checked with sites like Any.Run but most of their samples are .exe and binary files. Does any one have any ...
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Why cant we find ransomware keys?

From my understanding most ransomware has a secret key used for encryption in a server which it contacts to send over the key and use it for encryption But I am wondering, couldn't someone easily ...
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I have a friend with PC which is infected with some sort of "RANSOMWARE" - a type of malware where will encrypt your files(images,videos and documents) and ask for payment for decryption. I managed ...
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Where to find a full analysis of the encryption scheme of CTB-Locker?

CTB-Locker is a currently active ransomware that encrypts files to lock users out. Here are a few links about this malware: A new generation of ransomware: Elliptic curve cryptography + Tor + ...
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