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QEMU is a software that performs CPU emulation through dynamic binary translation. It allows the execution of applications compiled for a certain specific architecture to run on other architectures.

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Debug function in MIPS .ko file (with IDA and Qemu)

I have a .ko file which I grabbed from a router (MSB MIPS), and I'm trying to debug a specific function inside it with IDA. Since i can't just "run" the ko file with QEmu, I tried to change its ...
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Cross debugging for ARM / MIPS ELF with QEMU/toolchain

as i'm new about cross-debugging and cross-compilation i need some help because i feel so confused. I have a MIPS elf file, [myelf][1] .You can see bellow the output of file myelf: myelf: ELF 32-bit ...
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USB not showing up on QNX in Qemu

I have spent some time reverse engineering a QNX 6.5.0 based system. I am pretty new to the Linux (Ubuntu) world and definitely new to QNX, Qemu, and embedded systems. Since the hardware is fairly ...
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How could using QEMU be useful in developing a driver for Linux?

Presently, I am trying to analyze a piece of hardware, to be specific the Broadcom 1570 PCI web cam inside a late MBPr 2013. I can pass through the device using QEMU, and have the gusest OS / VM ...
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Emulate TP-Link WR841N using Qemu

I have downloaded a few different versions of the firmware from the TP-Link website. I've been piecing together details on how to achieve this but I'm missing some key points. Following instructions ...
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How to debug ARM binary with IDA pro on Windows?

I'm newbie, I have a little knowledge of debugging x86 binary. However, I have to work with ARM. I'm getting stuck on install QEMU and can't debug an ARM binary. Thank you a lot for give me tutorials ...
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Using QEmu monitor interface to extract execution traces from a binary?

My original point was to build something a bit more powerful and generic than a PTRACE system call for Linux platforms. The problem with PTRACE is that it only run on your own system and architecture. ...
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Emulate TP-LINK WR740N with QEMU

I'm trying to emulate a TP-Link WR740N in Qemu (MIPS). I have extracted the rootfs.img from the firmware, and downloaded vmlinux-2.6.32-5-4kc-malta from here:
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qemu and gdb error: could not load xml document

I'm trying to debug an application using Qemu for AARCH64 ./qemu-arm64-static -g 1234 file.bin When running GDB and connecting to the remote host, I get the following error message: $ ./aarch64-...
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