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A system of rules designed to allow the communication between two or more participants. The two main types of protocols are either stateless protocols (UDP) or stateful protocols (TCP).

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UE Megaboom serial protocol

I recently got a UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker. Apart from various audio profiles, I noticed the speaker also exposes a Serial Port BT profile. I suspect this is the channel the app uses to control ...
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Reverse engineering an hydrometer's Bluetooth communication

This is a very specific question. I'm currently working on a project to create an android application capable of reading the values of an hydrometer via Bluetooth. By reading the datasheet, I suspect ...
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Reverse engineer TPMS sensor data

I'm trying to reverse engineer data received from TPMS (car tire pressure) sensors. I was able to receive and demodulate the data (433 MHz, FSK, Manchester encoding). Probable packet fields: bytes 1-...
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Router's serial port only outputs garbage

I'm trying to reverse engineer a 2Wire ADSL modem/router, mainly for practice. I opened it and found a serial port (with a header conveniently already in place) but I'm not getting any useful data out ...
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How to find a login packet structure (client-side only)? [closed]

As Google did not yield any results, I decided to ask it here. I'd like to reverse the login sequence of a game (using gamespy). In this login sequence, first the game uses the gamespy protocol (...
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How to analyze packets?

I have a packet that I want to analyze which consists 16 bytes. I can produce as much as of these packets needed to analyze. Even though packet does the same thing on application the data in the ...
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