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1 answer

Why was my memory breakpoint not triggered in OllyDbg?

I am currently battling this protection on an 32-bit executable. At some point during it's runtime, the protection gets the address of DbgUiRemoteBreakin and writes a JMP to ExitProcess as an anti-...
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4 votes
3 answers

Exe protection by TLS callback, trying to understand the behaviour

I have an app, obfuscated by FSG protector. When i tried to unpack it, the first thign that i had is, when i start the process with the debugger/or attach debugger later, i immediatly receive ACCESS ...
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What it takes to write a simple PE file packer from scratch?

I was wondering to ask here what it takes to write a tiny simple packer for PE files? I know how a PE file looks like but not in accurate details (if necessary I'll learn as much as it takes) and I ...
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