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`PIC` is a popular family of low cost 8-bit micro-controllers from Microchip Technology with Harvard architecture. *Note*: For Position-independent code, please use tag "pie".

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What is the format of this binary file?

I have a binary file that I found on a 3D printer that is used to program a dsPIC30F5011 microcontroller. It is responsible for some basic data encryption. The only problem is, I am not sure how this ...
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Cloning full content of a pic24fj128gc010 chip (Flash + RAM)

I have some hardware that uses a PIC24fj128gc010 microcontroller. This microcontroller lives on a pluggable board that is plugged in on a main board. This detachable board has the microcontroller with ...
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What guidelines and/or tools exist that facilitate the analysis of a program in assembly language for PIC-Microchip?

What tools exist that facilitate the interpretation of a program written in assembly language of a PIC-Microchip, appealing to the construction, for example, of a flowchart and then recoding it in ...
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