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Questions tagged [php]

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language widely used in web development. Use this tag for questions about PHP functions, syntax and use.

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Deobfuscate PHP that contains - goto

I've found a bunch of obfuscated PHP scripts in my server but it seems I cannot deobfuscate them to follow the code flow. I came to the conclusion that the files have been obfuscated with https://www....
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Intercepting a PHP module with frida

I have a PHP module, and I'm trying to hook the functions of that module. ... 39: 0000000000024a60 1858 FUNC LOCAL DEFAULT 12 zim_ClassName_ClassName_exec ... 90: 0000000000028f10 8 ...
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How can I decode this Malicious php code?

I found this backdoor on a client's website. (original file) I have gotten rid of it and realise it's an obfuscated script but ...
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How to dump PHP backtrace on live running script in lldb?

I'm trying to print PHP backtrace of the live running script using the following 2 simple steps: Run PHP script as: php -r "sleep(1000);" On another console, I've called directly ...
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Decrypting encrypted PHP?

I was playing around with a tool I use, and hit a weird error with their wrapper script, so I thought I'd go see what it was doing. Only to discover something I've never seen before. The script looks ...
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