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Questions tagged [php]

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language widely used in web development. Use this tag for questions about PHP functions, syntax and use.

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Decrypting encrypted PHP?

I was playing around with a tool I use, and hit a weird error with their wrapper script, so I thought I'd go see what it was doing. Only to discover something I've never seen before. The script looks ...
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Intercepting a PHP module with frida

I have a PHP module, and I'm trying to hook the functions of that module. ... 39: 0000000000024a60 1858 FUNC LOCAL DEFAULT 12 zim_ClassName_ClassName_exec ... 90: 0000000000028f10 8 ...
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How can I decode this Malicious php code?

I found this backdoor on a client's website. (original file) I have gotten rid of it and realise it's an obfuscated script but ...
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Can any one de-obfuscator this php code [closed]

my developer has changed all his contact info and i am unable to contact him and i want to move my site to another server but because of this obfuscator code in my php script i am unable to move my ...
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Deobfuscate PHP that contains - goto

I've found a bunch of obfuscated PHP scripts in my server but it seems I cannot deobfuscate them to follow the code flow. I came to the conclusion that the files have been obfuscated with https://www....
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Decrypting authorization PHP script

Description I asked for help on freelancing, for the finalization of the project in PHP. All this worked well until I needed to edit the authorization mechanism. Having opened the file, I found that ...
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How to dump PHP backtrace on live running script in lldb?

I'm trying to print PHP backtrace of the live running script using the following 2 simple steps: Run PHP script as: php -r "sleep(1000);" On another console, I've called directly ...
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How to get current PHP function name in gdb?

I'm following these steps to locate the current PHP function call as below: Run dummy script: $ gdb -ex run --args php -r "sleep(10);" Pressed Ctrl+C to get back to gdb to run: (gdb) bt full #1 ...
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How can I decode this php code?

I found this backdoor on a client's website. (original format) (semi - readable) I have gotten rid of it and realise it's an obfuscated ...
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Decoding eAccelerator PHP code?

Well I'm unsure if this is the correct site to use but how would I go about decoding/decrypting PHP code which is encoded/encrypted using eAccelerator? <?php session_start(); ?> <?php /*This ...
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Is there any documentation or examples of PHP bytecode?

I'm trying to reverse engineer a PHP obfuscator. I know that it pre-compiles the PHP to bytecode, so the recovery of original PHP source is out of scope, but I would still like to get the bytecode out....
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3 votes
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How to quickly/easily make an analysis (reverse engineering) of the code of unknown CMS or framework on PHP? [closed]

I would like to know what tools and techniques do you use for rapid analyze of unknown code CMS or framework. If more specifically that for the following tasks: 1. To locate the file (s) html ...
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7 answers

How to see what data is being transmitted when an application calls home?

Always wondered how it would be possible to see what data is being transmitted back and forth with an application that calls home. Let's say we emulate the server via host file redirect. Would it be ...
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Secure RE-ing a PHP script

I have a very messy PHP script of which I need to determine the function. I can't quite understand the code, it's really messy. Now I thought that I perhaps could reverse engineer this script. What I ...
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