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A formatted unit of data carried by a network. This is the smallest unit of data that you can capture on packet-switched networks.

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Why would a packet-based protocol occasionally XOR it's payload?

I'm REing the Bluetooth protocol for the Ecoflow Delta 2 power station, and so far I've had some success. But there's a strange behaviour that, while not hampering my efforts, has me puzzled. The ...
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is there any way to find that a firewall is protecting a server and showing all ports closed in nmap?

I am using nmap to scan open ports on a device which uses FTP protocol to transfer firmware for update. But it is showing all 1000 ports are closed. It comes with a software to update its firmware. ...
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Reversing a serial communication with two inputs

I'm making a device that needs me to transfer some sort of initiation code like handshaking to start further communications. There is 2 inputs and 2 outputs the first output is pretty similar to a two'...
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Reversing network traffic and rebuild packets

I want to learn something about reverse engineering. I want to rebuild the TeamSpeak connection (client connects to server). I hooked the recv and send + encrypt/decrypt functions and logged the ...
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How should I approach decrypting packet protocols?

I'm able to see the packets before they're encrypted by setting a breakpoint before the encryption subroutine. My problem is that this subroutine is really complicated and goes really deep. Which ...
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Work out packet structure from usb capture

Im hoping to understand the way a auto diagnostics tool is reporting data over usb. I've made a usb capture to look for changes according to known changes to the input it measures. The measurement is ...
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Reversing WSASend finding functions that called it

I'm trying to make my first DLL calling game functions What I need is tracing functions that call WSASend, so it will be easy for me to get all functions address to call them from my DLL. What I ...
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