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Questions tagged [osx]

An Unix-based operating system originally forked from NextSTEP and developed by Apple Inc. MacOS X runs a Darwin kernel together with Apple Inc. utilities.

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11 votes
1 answer

Kernel level Dynamic Binary Instrumentation

Is there anything like PIN or DynamoRIO to instrument at Kernel level? The platforms I'm more interested on are Windows and OSX.
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2 answers

lldb: break at start of actual code, not entrypoint

I want lldb to break at the start of the actual code of an OS X application (which might be called main if symbols are existing). I am currently looking this up by hand, but as I want to script some ...
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Attempting to reverse engineer an iOS OTA payload-like archival format

Apple's announcement of macOS Big Sur had meant the release of the developer beta. In an attempt to create the appbundle from Apple's softwarecatalog, I attempted to study the contents of ...
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