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Ollydbg Plugin Development

I wanted to write a simple Ollydbg plugin that shows me, for example, a simple message like hello world. in further, I wanted to learn how can I write a complex plugin to hook a function and to modify ...
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Ollydbg: How to set a conditinal breakpoint for a register gets special value

I read this question about "set conditional break point on a register value" ; but its about setting a bp on special address! I want to set a bp when for example ECX == 12345678 , i can do this on ...
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Getting Memory Map in OllyDbg using OllyScript

Is there any command in OllyScript that can fetch me table shown in Memory Map window of OllyDbg. (Memory window comes up when you click on "M" icon.) It shows address, size, Owner, Section, Contains, ...
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Ollydbg| Inconsistent results as compared to the stack view pane

I've been trying to apply hooks on Win32 ReadFile so I can read the buffer and the params,however am not even sure whether the output is correct since it doesn't matchup with the stack-view pane nor ...
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