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Tool to analyze .obj files (not COFF) created with /LTCG

This Microsoft article states that: When building with LTCG, the compiler front end doesn't invoke the back end. Instead, it emits an OBJ file with IL in it. It bears repeating: this IL is not the ...'s user avatar
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How to make IDA load headers of object files?

When I open an executable (a.out), I can see header info: But when I load an object file, headers and segments aren't loaded: The entire header section is skipped. It goes directly to main (starts ...
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What segment do ELF SHN_COMMON objects get allocated in?

I am trying to understand the contents of an ELF relocatable object (*.o file), which appears to be a Fortran file compiled to SPARC object code. I am looking at the sections below, which all look ...
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Replace strings in object file

I have an object file under Linux with a lot of strings in it. I would like to replace all strings that represent a specific path in this object. I can see all the strings I need to change using the ...
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Reverse engineering, code extraction, and lock bits

For one of my projects I am interested to see how someone else implemented their concept. I wanted to tap onto their microprocessor and read that code. First question I have, if I am to solder wires ...
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Can I create an object file using gcc that cannot be reverse engineered?

Is it possible to create an object file using gcc that cannot be reverse engineered to its source code ?
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What hints in machine code can point me to the compiler which was used to generate it?

When I am looking at the machine code of an application, are there hints and patterns I can discern from the generated machine code which would indicate which compiler (and possibly version) was used ...
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