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Reversing a firmware update for an LG HTS

I'm trying to reverse a firmware update for an LG Home Theater BH7220, and I've hit a brick wall. This HTS has a main chip from LG referred to as "BH7000:1165" in the schematics. The chip has the ...
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Passing parameter using data at return address (read from stack) in NEC 78K0R

I am working on some disassembly from an NEC 78K0R. Most functions have parameters passed in registers, but there are some functions that have compile time defined parameters passed using a method I ...
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Are there any free disassemblers for the NEC 78K0R family of processors?

Another slightly esoteric microcontroller in a product I'm looking at - the NEC 78K0R microcontroller. This is a 16-bit extension of the 78K0. The 78K0 can be disassembled in IDA Pro, but not the ...
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