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16 bits executable file format, used in Windows 1.0-3.11, OS/2 and some special version of MS-DOS.

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How can I extract *.c file hidden in an executable file (SkiFree)

I am a person interested of old games (MS DOS and 16 bit Windows only) and programming. In 2020, I saw an article about hacking SkiFree somewhere on the internet and soon as I followed the ...
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Help disassembling a simple 16-bit NE function

I am currently attempting to reverse engineer a simple function from within a 16-Bit Windows 3.1 (NE) DLL, which from what I can tell is used to display a message box when required. I would assume ...
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Finding Correct Segment From An Address For Windows 3.1 EXE in IDA Pro

We have an EXE that IDA pro lists the following segments: Name Start End R W X D L Align Base Type Class AD es ss ds fs gs cseg01 00000000 0000EA50 ? ? ? . ...
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Decompiling a windows 3.1, VisualBasic 3 exe. Do I need to decompile dll too? How?

New to decompiling, and code generally. Trying to decompile a windows 3.1 game (text adventure), so I can build it up again. Because at the moment it doesn't work (even on windows 3.1). I decompiled ...
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How can one extract resources from a New Executable?

I'm trying to extract menus and other stuff from a New Executable (NE), i.e. the ones from Windows' 16-bit times. The tools I find (e. g. ResourceTuner) work for PEs only. Any idea for tools to ...
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Debugging NewExecutable binaries

I'm trying to debug a 16-bit Windows executable (format: New Executable). The problem is that all the standard tools (W32DASM, IDA, Olly) don't seem to support 16-bit debugging. Can you suggest any ...
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