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Microsoft Visual C/C++ Compiler

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STL map and map entry structures for IDA/HexRays

I have several binaries (Visual Studio 2005, amd64/x86_64) that I need a portion of each reversed in order to better understand the reasons for their malfunction in certain edge cases (they are long ...
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1 answer

What is the mdisp field in RTTI for throw used for?

First of here is the article from which I'm looking up the fields. I was trying out different combinations to see how they affect the RTTI for a C++ throw. It seems that having a virtual base class ...
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How can an IA-32 program seemingly compiled with MSVC send its sole argument via EAX? [duplicate]

A C++ program I'm looking at appears to have been compiled with MSVC. It links to MSVCR100.dll, contains MSVC's security cookie code and uses the Microsoft mangling scheme. However, one of the ...
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