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4 answers

Server-side Query interception with MS SQL Server

I'm researching into intercepting queries that arrive at the SQL Server 2008 process. SQLOS architecture is divided in the following system DLLs: sqlmin.dll: Storage, replication, security features,...
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2 answers

Viewing MSSQL transactions between closed-source application and server

I am reversing a closed-source legacy application that uses Microsoft SQL Server (2005) and I would like to find out precisely what queries are being executed in the background. I understand that it ...
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1 answer

SQL Server not downloading symbols from the symbol server, even though SymInitialize has the symserver in its path

EDIT Clarified, I meant the extended exent ringbugger stacktraces described by Jonathan Kehayias. I recently discovered it was possible to get link.exe, dumpbin.exe, etc to download symbols from a ...
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3 answers

Proprietary MS SQL server based file format

I'm trying to reverse engineer an application that uses SQL server but somehow hides the database files inside its own proprietary file format. What I'm aiming to do is to write my own app that can ...
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Find schema and info of MS SQL Server to which I have access to

I have access to an MS SQL Server DB and I'm able to run queries on the databases. But the since the database is too big, with multiple tables and each table having many columns (whose names aren't ...
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How do I reverse engineer a file uploading api?

The API is pretty old and is written in C#, I tried debugging the API calls with mitmproxy. This is the successful API call (manually uploading file) but when I tried curling it, it gave me this error ...
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Is it possible to know what changed on a mssql database? [closed]

I'm trying to reverse engineer the mssql database behind an ERP. I was planning to export the database as a sql file before and after I do a modification in the ERP to be able to diff the files. But ...
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