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Ghidra support for older AOUT executable format

Does Ghidra 10.2.2 support loading the older a.out executable format? This format (sometimes rendered as "AOUT") was used on various UNIX-like systems such as SunOS and BSD, and was the ...
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Extract disassembly from Ghidra for reassembling

How can I extract a code listing from a Ghidra project such that I can reassemble with something like vasm? I have gone through a memory snapshot and disassembled the code and marked data sections etc....
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IDA Pro S12X flash page references

Trying to analyse a dump from MC9S12X series MCU and can`t get how IDA making cross flash page references and if it could be done without scripts. The project contains 64 code segments with linear ...
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Correct target of absolute jmp in IDA

In the firmware I am reversing (for a 16-bit MCU), there is code that copies the code of a function from flash memory to RAM, then jumps to it for execution: F000:FEFF : mmap'ed location of function ...
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Can Ghidra currently be used to disassemble Tandy Color Computer binaries? Are the 6805 and 6809 opcode compatible?

I'm working on some Ghidra loader and filesystem modules for 80s microcomputers. I started work on a Loader for .cas tape image files for the TRS-80 CoCo because Ghidra suports the 6805 CPU. (It also ...
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How to set parametres for IDA PRO for decompile Firmware Motorola HC908JB8JDW

Hope someone can help me to set parametres for IDA PRO for decompile Firmware Motorola HC908JB8JDW i tried every combinanated value but without sucess.
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Jump in the middle of an instruction Coldfire firmware

I'm working on an embedded system Coldfire ROM. Currently, I'm trying to reverse engineering it to gain some more in-depth knowledge about its structure. ROM code quality seems pretty low, and I see ...
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Weird qemu behaviour with Freescale Coldfire MCF5282

I'm trying reverse engineer the firmware, apparently bare metal, of an industrial controller. The device is based on a Coldfire controller, to be more precise, the MCF5282. To track its behavior, I ...
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68k: Adding 0x100 to 9-bit register and doing BEQ.s - how does it make sense?

During my current project I found such code: move.w (0xFFFC0C).l, d0 | read SCSR andi.w #0x100, d0 | add 256 to d0 beq.s location | branch if LSB = 0x00 I cannot get the idea of ...
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How to dissassemble Motorola/Freescale/NXP PowerQUICC excutable

I have a probably executable file for Motorola/Freescale/NXP PowerQUICC MPC860 and cannot disassemble it with IDA Pro since I cannot find the correct processor type in IDA?! IDA list MPC860 as ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How make old IDA understand wrap-around mapped 68k RAM?

UPDATE 3: I learned that one way to do it is to simply make a new processor definition, it should be fairly straight forward to port already existing 68k disassemblers to the IDA SDK. Still too ...
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How does my S62 engine utilize MAF sensors to convert voltage to mass flow?

We're trying to solve a puzzle on one of the automotive forums regarding how the BMW S62 engine utilizes its two MAF (mass air flow) sensors to determine the air mass flow entering the engine. This ...
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Understanding Motorola ColdFire instructions.

I have a coldfire sequence from IDAPro that looks like this: sub_29be8: var_8 = -8 var_2 = -2 arg_0 = 8 arg_6 = $E link a6, #-4; move.l a2, -(sp) movea.l arg_0(a6),a2 tst.w arg_6(a6) bne.s ...
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